Up and running again

As you may already know if you checked the site in the last few weeks, I recently changed web hosts. My old host (portugalnetworks.com) wasn’t too bad, it was incredibly cheap ($12 [~£6] for a whole year), but the server performance reflected the price, unfortunately – downtime was high, along with the various other problems. So, I changed. I moved to DreamHost, which is admittedly significantly more expensive, but provides much more in terms of features – see for yourself

I can’t resist my inbuilt student moneygrabbing tendencies, so I’ll just say: if you do find yourself thinking about signing up, put me as your referrer :D. I’ll leave it at that.

Anyways, I decided to go with WordPress this time, rather than b2Evo, because it offers much better anti-spam facilities, as that was becoming a nuisance toward the end of January. So, now that I’ve got something up, I may even find myself updating a bit more often than I did in my site’s previous incarnation.