ASP.Net MVC Framework – Initial Thoughts

Having just completed a relatively large project using the newly released ASP.Net MVC Framework, I thought this would be a good time to post my thoughts on the framework.  I have to say that the bulk of my experience with MVC framework comes from my time using Ruby on Rails, so many of my perceptions […]

TinyMCE and jQuery validation

I’ve recently been working on a project using the ASP.Net MVC framework (more on that in a later post perhaps), where the TinyMCE editor was used as the rich text input method of choice. We hit a snag when it came to applying client-side validation through jQuery: jQuery was validating the textarea before TinyMCE was […]

New computer

At long last I’ve finally got my new desktop up and running.   The whole thing rather failed the first time round because I had a dud motherboard; whether that was because it wasn’t working to start off with or because I wasn’t careful enough we’ll never know.

Accelerometer touting alarm clock

I saw this article pop up on the Engadget feed, and immediately saw the making of a fantastic little novelty item. Sadly, it fell slightly short of what I was thinking. The proposed design contains an accelerometer, so that when you flick/prod/sledgehammer it, the alarm snoozes for 9 or so minutes. Sadly, someone else got […]

Digital recycle bins

Reading this article, I really can’t help but think that this is such a cool concept. Who wouldn’t want this nifty little e-trash receptacle sat on their desk? I really like the way that it shows capacity too. One thing that did strike me, though, was the issue of power: where does it get it’s […]

Google: Hard Disk Drive Failure

Failure Trends in a Large Disk Drive Population Another interesting little thing that I found, published this month, the paper outlines several conditions that are often perceived to be the cause of hard disk failure and, using the data that they have gathered from the hard disk in their server farms, have compiled some interesting […]

RFID tags

Prompted by: InfoWorld Video | InfoWorld | RSA IOActive While I was aware of this issue before now, the video in the article prompted me to write something. As I’m also procrastinating, it seems like a good idea to me. RFID tags are the bits inside those cool little cards or dongles that you can […]