I recently got a 90 day trial membership on Lovefilm.  If you haven’t heard of Lovefilm before, it’s an online DVD rental service where they post the discs out to you and you send them back (keeping them for as long as you want in between).  The trick to it is that you can only […]

New computer

At long last I’ve finally got my new desktop up and running.   The whole thing rather failed the first time round because I had a dud motherboard; whether that was because it wasn’t working to start off with or because I wasn’t careful enough we’ll never know.

Kung Fu Panda

Went to see “Kung Fu Panda” at the cinema last night.  Even though it’s a kid’s film, I really enjoyed it; the film was absolutely hilarious and half the time I couldn’t help but laugh out loud (but the rest of the audience did too, so that’s okay).  We were going to see “Wanted” but […]