bit10 does Alton Towers

I know I mentioned this in an earlier article, but I really thought that it merited its own post. bit10 arranged to have a “Team Building” day at Alton Towers. Fortunately for me, I started early enough to get a ticket. The plan was to have everybody meet at the front gates by 9.30am, so […]

Dell build quality

I’ve always been a bit of a Dell proponent, but recently I’ve been given several reasons to be dubious of the build quality of Dell systems. During my time at LFRS, I received a great deal of kit from Dell; all of which had to be tested before being recorded in the inventory system. I […]

My first two weeks

Well, I’ve reached the two week mark at bit10. I’m quite impressed with myself. So far, I’m really having a great time (always good where jobs are concerned), and the people are really nice too. The pub lunches, and trips to nice places like Alton Towers help too though .

Financial advice site

Money saving expert is a really nifty site offering loads of financial advice for us Brits. It has links to the best current accounts, the best savings accounts, and pretty much anything else you can think of. I spent more than a few hours reading various articles. I think that this site has something to […]


Well, being a recent graduate, I’ve been job hunting for the past couple of months. I originally applied to Atos Origin, which is a large technology consulting company, and got rejected after a few recruitment rounds, which I was a bit disappointed about. I must admit that I let things lapse for a little bit, […]