Rob and I moved in together several months ago, after our university accommodation tenancies expired. We’ve now got a pretty nice house in north Coventry. Making the transition from renting to owning a house, though, means that we needed furniture. Lots and lots of furniture. Naturally, a trip to Ikea was in order. We had already sorted bedroom furniture and sofas, so we needed things like desks, bookcases, coffee tables, et cetera.

The nearest Ikea was further than we thought, but easy enough to get to if you excuse the minor detour through Walsall (it’s really not my fault that I’m useless at map reading). But a few trips meant that we had the route down pat. We went around looking at all the stuff, decided what we wanted, and then went down to the box area to pick it all up.

Of course, when we saw the size of the boxes, we realised that this simply wasn’t all going to fit into Rob’s little Micra. Ikea to the rescue! If you find that you can’t fit any of the things you buy into your car, Ikea will deliver them to your door the very next day (for a fee, of course). So, we prioritised a bit, and had everything bar the TV stand delivered. Hurrah!

Also I reckon that I should mention: if you are planning on visiting Ikea any time soon, make sure you pick up one of those Ikea Family Card things. They’re loyalty cards just like the Tesco Clubcard, but you really do get some massive discounts; we got 25% off our desk, for example. They look really cool too… not that this affected my decision in any way *whistle*.