My first two weeks

Well, I’ve reached the two week mark at bit10. I’m quite impressed with myself.

So far, I’m really having a great time (always good where jobs are concerned), and the people are really nice too. The pub lunches, and trips to nice places like Alton Towers help too though Laughing Out Loud.

My work really consists of a mixture of project work, and support requests. Projects are fairly self-explanatory, and support requests are when a client either requests a change to the site, or experiences a problem with it, which I then (try to) fix.

The first week consisted mostly of orientation meetings and learning ColdFusion, which went well enough. There were a few simple change requests that needed doing, too. We also got wind of an upcoming project that we’d be working on, which would kick off in October.

The second week was a little more hectic, with a seemingly endless barrage of support requests being thrown at us. On the bright side, our shiny, new Vista workstations arrived (although it was a struggle to make everything work). There was also a trip to Alton Towers for ‘team building’… great fun – photos on Facebook.

That’s a really brief overview, anyway, I’m being pestered into going to bed. I’m a little sleepy too. I’ll probably find time to write a bit more at a later point.