New computer

At long last I’ve finally got my new desktop up and running.   The whole thing rather failed the first time round because I had a dud motherboard; whether that was because it wasn’t working to start off with or because I wasn’t careful enough we’ll never know.

This is my first Intel computer (I’ve always been a bit of an AMD guy until now), and I have to say that the connection mechanism for the stock heatsink is absolutely atrocious.  It consists of four plastic pins which you have to push down onto the motherboard until they click; simple until one takes into account the pressure required to click the things into place.  The motherboard was flexing quite alarmingly, and you have to do alternate corners at the same time, or one corner will pop out as you push the other in.

Aside from that, it was all fairly easy thankfully.  Now I just need to see about getting some extra hard disks for storage and possibly a new screen… my dual 15″ screens are getting a bit old, I just need to decide whether I want to stay with a dual screen system or get a big widescreen.  I don’t think my finances will quite stretch to two widescreens; or my desk space for that matter.

Add in a nice OEM version of Vista and I’ve got a new favourite toy.

One thought on “New computer”

  1. Took you long enough!

    How’re you finding the Intel world? I can’t wait to return to it when I build my next computer.

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