Matt Gets Certified

Being my first “official” certification, I figured I’d give it a mention.  A couple of weeks ago I got sent down to London to do some developer training for a CMS that we’re going to be using quite a bit at the company I work at.  At some point, there’s also going to be some interesting work porting existing customer sites to the Sitecore platform.

In the meantime, there’s one large Sitecore project which I’m due to start development on in coming weeks; so I’m looking forward to doing some actual work with it.

I think I might start looking at some proper accreditations in the near future, as they can only help my career prospects, and I think they’d really be quite interesting.  The question is whether I’ll have to cough up the money myself or if it will be covered under CPD…

2 thoughts on “Matt Gets Certified”

  1. Cheers, Lee. Interesting to see I do actually get some traffic that isn’t family lol. Drop me a line or facebook me and let me know how things are going :)

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