Overactive Akismet

I’ve always really ignored the comment moderation queue, generally trusting Akismet to filter out the spam and only let real comments through.  I’ve actually been very pleased with it as it has stopped comment spam coming through, which was initially quite a nuisance.  This evening though (as I currently can’t get to sleep) I decided to have a look through the comments that Akismet has marked as spam.

While a lot of the stuff in there was spam, there were a few comments that were genuine.  I know the comments are held in the queue for a few days before actually being deleted, so I’ve gone back as far as I can.  I’d just like to quickly apologise to anyone who has posted a comment and not had it show up; it’s nice to get some feedback and I do appreciate it.  I’m also going to be more vigilant in the future, and try to make sure I check it every so often.