Sitecore v6.0

Yesterday I took my “upgrade” certification exam to upgrade my Sitecore 5.3 certification that I obtained last August to to the recently released version 6.0. Sitecore is a highly adaptable and extremely powerful CMS that bit10 chose as its CMS of choice.  After reviewing a fair number of competing offerings (including Amaxus and Ektron), we found Sitecore to be a superior offering.

Version 6 brings some excellent new features to the table; some which have been present in many other CMS products and others which are pretty unique.  I’m looking forward to working with it in July/August, which is when I’ve been scheduled to redevelop the bit10 website (the final designs for which have been described as “funky but clean”).  We’ll see how it goes; expect to hear more on the topic of Sitecore when the project is done.