Quick Update

So, I thought I’d ease into what will (hopefully) be another flurry of posting activity with a quick update on what’s been going on here recently.  If you’ve read through earlier posts on this blog then you may well know that I started working at bit10 in September 2007.  I’ve had a fantastic time working at bit10; I’ve learned a great deal and met many people with whom I’m hoping to keep in contact.  However, as with all things, I think that it’s become time to move on.

I have had the good fortune of receiving an offer of employment from a London-based company, specialising in both Sitecore and ASP.Net MVC solutions (so, right up my street).  I’ll be starting there in February next year.  I’m really excited about it and am looking forward to getting stuck in.

As for what this means for me, it does mean that I’ll be moving to London in a few months.  Until then I’ll be commuting by train from Coventry, which isn’t quite as bad as it sounds – the train to Euston takes only an hour, and then there’s a short tube trip.  All very manageable in the short term.  Once everything settles down, I’ll start the process of moving (again).  Fortunately I haven’t quite unpacked from last time, so there isn’t quite as much work to be done this time around!