I recently got a 90 day trial membership on Lovefilm.  If you haven’t heard of Lovefilm before, it’s an online DVD rental service where they post the discs out to you and you send them back (keeping them for as long as you want in between).  The trick to it is that you can only have a certain number of DVDs at your house at any one point, so that gets you to send them back (which is free).

Even though I’m not paying for it, it’s definitely well worth the money that they charge for the normal plans.  It’s great coming home and knowing that you’ve got something to watch that you haven’t seen before.  The choice of films is great, and as long as you get plenty of films on your “to rent” list, you’ll never be stuck without.

I think there’s a perpetual 30 day free trial offer on as well, check it out.