When Personalisation Breaks Rendering Parameters

I’m still working on the third post about configuration, I have to admit that I’ve lost a bit of drive on it.  So I thought I’d change gears a little and share some information I found around rendering parameters and personalisation.  For anyone who doesn’t know what rendering parameters are, I’d suggest this article by Vasiliy Fomichev, which explains them nicely.

We use rendering parameters a fair bit at Codehouse in order to allow editors to control the more presentation-oriented settings without editors needing to duplicate or clone their datasource items.  For example, a call-to-action on one page might have the same content on two pages, but need a different background colour in order to fit the rest of the page.  Developers often forget that the DRY principle can be applied to content too: give the editors the tools so that they don’t have to duplicate content where they don’t need to.

Recently, though, I came across a specific situation where they seemed to be a little broken.

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Custom Sitecore Pipelines

Pipelines are a very useful feature in Sitecore, one that I make use of a great deal.  I see a great many Sitecore website solutions that create their own processors to add to the existing pipelines (or which override existing pipeline processors), but I very rarely see solutions that have created their own pipelines. Usually I only see it in modules.  I think that developers might be missing a trick, as there are a great many things that you can do with a simple pipeline and it provides easy extensibility throughout the project lifetime.

Pipelines, to my mind, should be used to solve a problem where you have (or will have) discrete pieces of logic that may be added to at any time.  Often but not always, these operations occur in a particular order.  There will usually also be one or more results of the pipeline that all of the operations will contribute toward in some way. Continue reading Custom Sitecore Pipelines